Greetings! My name is Jen and I’m a forty-something follower of Christ who lives in the midwest United States. I’ve been struggling with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome for well over twenty years and it’s given me a whole host of challenges. If you don’t know about PCOS, it’s basically an endocrine disorder (hormone imbalance) that typically is marked by small cysts on the ovaries (hence the name). It also causes high cholesterol, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, obesity with the majority of the weight around your midsection, dark patches of skin that are typical of someone with diabetes, hirsuitism, and infertility. Like I said in my first post, it’s basically a huge carnival of crap!

Thankfully I have a loving husband of twenty-one years and a blessed life. We weren’t able to have children, but we do have a wonderful Scottish Terrier, Zoey. My husband is incredibly supportive and is encouraging me on this pescy eating journey. He loves me for exactly who I am on the inside and simply wants to see me healthy and happy!

As you will see in my posts, I can be incredibly sarcastic and enjoy humor. My words are not meant to hurt or belittle anyone, but to provide levity to a subject that has always been difficult for me. I have quite a negative self-image (PCOS can do that to a person) and struggle with not allowing it to stand in my way.

I will also unapologetically include references to my faith. It’s part of who I am and I will not leave it out while documenting my journey. If it offends you, then you are welcome to stop reading. If you attempt to argue with me about my faith views, I will block you. You’ve been warned.

Otherwise, I welcome constructive comments, questions, and feedback. I hope that my words can help others on their own journeys. So, let’s begin!