What’s a pescy eater?

Pescy eater. That’s a strange title, isn’t it? Well, let me tell you how it came to be. As it is with most categories, I’m having a hard time finding one for myself. I recently made a massive change in my eating habits. I cut out all land/air animal products, including dairy. But I still eat fish. So, I’m not really a vegan. I don’t eat dairy, so I’m not really a pescetarian. I’m calling myself a pescy eater! It works for me.

Why did I make this change? I have polycystic ovarian syndrome. Ever heard of it? Probably not. Some of the issues are insulin resistance, high cholesterol, out-of-wack hormones, high blood pressure, apple body shape, hirsuitism, and obesity. Basically, it’s a carnival of crap and it’s been kicking my ass for over twenty years. I know, sucks to be me!

I’ve finally decided to take control and go on a little journey here. If anyone would like to follow, that’s spectacular. Just know that this is MY journey. It’s taken me almost 44 years to get here, and at this point, I really don’t care what others think about my choices. I may step on a few toes. So be it. At the end of the day, I have to live in this body. From now on, I’m going to attempt to treat it as kindly as possible!